Renowned Albanian soprano Ermonela Jaho message to youth: Don’t give up on your dreams

Latest update: 25/01/2021 - 20:54
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World-renowned Albanian soprano, Ermonela Jaho, spoke over a recent major award she received and the major crisis that has struck the world of art due to the pandemic.

The Albanian artist, currently living in Barcelona, said for Euronews Albania that she cannot wait to sing in Albania as soon as theatre doors reopen.

Ermonela Jaho triumphed in the International Classical Music Awards, taking away the Vocal Music price, with her album Anima Rama.

“I am very happy for this success. It has been extremely difficult for everyone, especially for us artists. For me personally, but not only, it has been spiritually hard because art is made and felt through the public”, Jaho explained as she admitted that at times she felt like “her existence no longer had any meaning”.

“I have understood many things, that nothing should be taken for granted”, she said. “Beautiful moments in life should be valued because we are not here forever. Music is an extraordinary lesson for all, it has one objective only, we make it to hear each other. If we have compassion towards each other, every challenging moment can be overcome”, said the soprano. 

During her interview, she admitted that she is looking forward to coming to Albania and give a message to the young generation, where she urged them to chase their dreams.

“I truly wish to come and sing for my Albanian public, to give a message to the young generation, because these times we are living in take away all hope, take away all dreams and things start looking impossible. But nothing is impossible!”, said the Albanian soprano.  

“If you really want something, if you believe in it blindly, you need total dedication, whatever the challenges. Those challenges make you more sensitive and you have even more to say because an artist without a sensitive soul has nothing to say on the stage”.