Basholli’s film, Hive: War victims and patriarchal mentality

Latest update: 07/02/2021 - 15:16
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The Kosovar movie “Hive” directed by Blerta Basholli won the Grand Jury Prize at the “Sundance” Festival as well as the best Directing Award and the Audience Award in the World Cinema category.

“At first, we only knew about the directing award, and then getting the other two was way too much. But yes, we are very happy and very motivated." said the director.

Based on a true story, Fahrije builds up a small agricultural business but faces the disapproval of a patriarchal society that would prefer she stay at home out of respect for her in-laws. She is even faced with people calling her offensive terms and attacking her morals in public.

The young director heard about the real Fahrije Hoti during a TV show and then decided to meet her in real life. But Blerta Basholli wanted a movie, not a documentary. The main part is played by Yllka Gashi.

“I think this is the voice of many women and I am happy that her voice is going to be heard all around the world because she is a success story. At the end of the movie, even though it is not a happy ending, it is a representation of what is still going on today after 20 years, as the woman asks about her husband, where he is after all this time, will he ever return, is he still alive?” says Blerta Basholli.

This movie marks the debut of director Blerta Basholli, who has also written the screenplay for this film.




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