“Enough is Enough” former President Bush declaration on Kosovo appears in Tirana as an art installation

Latest update: 18/03/2021 - 19:04
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A declaration made by former US President, George W. Bush, has taken a life of its own as it appeared in Tirana as an art installation, following the commemoration of the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between Albania and the United States.

“Enough is Enough” is the artwork of prominent Albanian artist from Kosovo, Alban Muja, inspired by a declaration made by Bush during his visit to Tirana in 2007: “The time has come, actually as soon as possible, that we say “Enough is enough!”. Kosovo is independent!”, conveying a strong and clear message to the international community, and recalling once again the interconnected fate of Kosovo and Albania.

Conceptualized as an iron sculpture, resembling a bridge, connecting the two sides of Tirana’s river Lana, two of the most urban parts of the capital, and coming as a first-of-its-kind for Muja.   

The art installation, forming the phrase “Enough is Enough”, is 1.75 meters long and each letter is 1.8 meters high.

Remembrance, the war in Kosovo, and representation of material pain are commonly present in the artistic work of Alban Muja. The latest installation is a continuation of the discourse raised by Muja in his works, putting the public in front of major issues, such as war, emigration, separation, but at the same time reflecting human values, collective solidarity, and the state of the human towards its kind.

In March 1991, Albania re-established diplomatic ties with the United States. One-hundred days after, the Secretary of State at the time, James Baker, visited Tirana to reaffirm the alliance with the US, stating “We are with you, you are with us”.