Blerta Basholli’s “Hive” wins a nomination at Sundance Film Festival 2021

Latest update: 17/12/2020 - 19:50
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“Hive” (Zgjoi) is the title of the movie directed from Blerta Basholli that scored its first international success by receiving a nomination at the renowned “Sundance Film Festival 2021”.

Based on a true event, the movie tells the story of Fahrije Hoti, a woman from Kosovo, who alike her compatriots suffered the post-war consequences following the conflict with Serbia, but managed to find the light to go ahead in the path of success.

During an interview with Euronews Albania, the director of the movie expressed her joy for this important achievement, particularly as this is her first feature film.

“To me it is of a great importance because it’s my first feature film and of course it was our plan as well as hope to be a part of the Sundance Film Festival 2021. We are very happy and now we will have to see how that goes”, said Basholli.

The story is set back in 2005-2006, where a successful woman, after having lost her husband in the war, finds herself amid challenges on how to raise her children.

“In fact, the plot is about the consequences of the war, but the story develops after the war, somewhere around 2005-2006. The message conveyed is quite powerful in this case, as we have this successful woman, whose husband is among the many man  missing from the war in Kosovo, and now she has to work and survive to support her children. This path throws her many challenges which mainly come from the society where she is herself a part of. The message conveyed is about the empowerment of a woman, who lives and is surrounded by a not-so-friendly environment”.

Basholli said she hopes that for the story of this woman to be heard as “women in Kosovo have always shown strength”, in both times of war and post war period, “but unfortunately are not mentioned nor supported”.