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Violent clash between President Meta and police forces, after latter try to evict FRD from its office

Latest update: 12/03/2021 - 13:03
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A violent altercation has occurred between Albanian President Ilir Meta and municipal law enforcement authorities after the latter tried to break into the premises of the New Democratic Spirit party following an evacuation order.

The president referred to the act as “violence against opposition forces” and “a coup attempt”.

Video footage shows Meta quite angered as he ordered law enforcement authorities to exit the building.

The deputy leader of FRD, Sali Shehu, also clashed with the police.

Contacted from Euronews Albania, the deputy leader of FRD, Sali Shehi, declared that the police barricaded the building since this morning.

Shortly after, the president arrived at the party’s HQ, who after clashing with the police was able to get inside the building.

According to Meta, the police order to vacate the premises of the party’s headquarters is invalid as it lacks official certification by the authority it was released from and described the episode as “violence against opposition forces” and “an attempt to organize a coup d'état.”