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Inoculation process for teachers in Korça and Saranda begins, some refuse the vaccine

Latest update: 16/03/2021 - 13:40
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The vaccination process has started today for the teachers of Saranda and Korça.

Euronews Albania’s journalist Xhensil Shkëmbi has reported from Korça that around 1300 doses will be administered to 800 teachers and other school personnel, including janitors and security guards.

Our journalist stated that Mikel Llogori, Director of Healthcare in Korca, has admitted that there have been refusals from teachers regarding the vaccine, but they haven’t given an exact number or the reasons behind this rejection.

Meanwhile, in Devoll, 80 teachers have been vaccinated until now, in Pogradec 50 and in Erseka 54.

In addition, in Maliq no vaccines have been administered.

Viktor Avdiaj reported from Saranda saying that the vaccination process there has started as well and until now, 30 teachers have received the jab.

In Saranda as well, there have been cases of people hesitating to get the first dose of the vaccine, but they have preferred to not give a statement for the media.



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