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War against organized-crime, the EU gives €5.5 million to Albania for investigation upgrades

Latest update: 23/03/2021 - 17:39
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5.5 million euros is the value of the funding provided by the EU this Tuesday, to law-enforcement agencies in Albania with the purpose of fighting organized crime. The designated funding is expected to modernize the Institute of Scientific Police, whereas SPAK and the National Bureau of Investigation will also be profiting.

The EU Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca presented his project, whose main objective is the modernization of the criminal and financial investigative infrastructure of Albanian authorities.

“5.5 million euros, including 2.4 million euros for devices, will guarantee the prosecution offices, law enforcement agencies (including BKH), tax authorities as well as customs divisions and financial intelligences to build the necessary expertise and to improve their capabilities in order to discover the activities of serious and organized crime,” stated Soreca.

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Bledi Çuçi, this budget is designated for our country in order to improve the quality of work of our law enforcement bodies as well as the modernization of the Institute of Scientific Police.

“Around half of this funding will go for new gear alone, over 2.4 million euros. This investment for the modernization of our infrastructure fulfills our main aspirations, which is the sophistication and qualitative growth of the performance of our law enforcement agencies, with the same level as the EU. The investment on the Institute of Scientific Police will directly affect the growth and strengthening of our investigative capacities,” he added.

This project comes in the framework of EU’s help for Albania, where 15 million euros have been invested in the last 4 years. Its implementation will be overseen by Spanish, Italian experts, GDF (Guarda di Finanza) as well as the National Police of the Netherlands.



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