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US Ambassador Kim urges political parties to ban candidates declared “persona non-grata” 

Latest update: 24/03/2021 - 08:20
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The US Ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim, reiterated her call to political parties urging them to remove candidates accused of high-level corruption by the Department of State.

Recalling that the Department of State has designated the leader of the Social Democrats Tom Doshi as a “persona non grata”, the US Ambassador wrote that “Albania deserves better”.

The US Ambassador applauded the decision of the Democratic Party and its allies to ban from electoral lists candidates that have been accused of corruption, and questions the idleness of the other political subjects. 

The strong message conveyed by the American diplomat comes two days ahead of the official launch of the electoral campaign and a visit in Shkodra where she met with representatives from the Democratic and Socialist Parties.

Ambassador Yuri Kim has continuously conveyed strong messages to stop Tom Doshi from running in the general elections over accusations of high-level corruption.