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US donates 29 high-mobility vehicles, Ambassador Kim: Albania, stands ready alongside allies

Latest update: 24/03/2021 - 16:51
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The US government donated 29 new, armored, multifunctional and high-mobility (Humvee) vehicles, for the Albanian Armed Forces.

During the ceremony, the US ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim expressed her remarks on Albania’s commitment and contributions given to its allies during dangerous missions.

“Albania’s commitment to prepare a Motorized Infantry Battle Group for NATO is significant. It reinforces the importance of NATO commitments, and reminds us that Albania stands ready to operate in dangerous places alongside allies. Once complete, this project will improve Albania’s ability to conduct internal defense missions, and deploy in support of global operations. The United States remains grateful that Albania has answered the call in multiple locations around the world, said the US ambassador.

The Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi thanked the US for their continuous help that has resulted in the modernization of the FA, as well as its effective’s training and professional education.

“The material, technical and modernizing help that the US has offered us, provides our soldiers with more power, force and efficacity in their operations locally and abroad. As a result of this help, they are now more trained and able to fullfill their missions and duties more successfully,” said Minister Peleshi.

 The new equipment and vehicles donated by the US will be mainly used by the 2nd Batallion of our Ground Forces, which is a structure that is available for the Alliance to dislocate to wherever and whenever.



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