As Election Day in Kosovo approaches, authorities prepare for a safe and legal process

Latest update: 03/02/2021 - 14:26
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February 14, otherwise referred to as Election Day in Kosovo, will also include maximum commitment of the judicial system. 88 prosecutors and 30 judges will be in duty to ensure full compliance with laws and policies of the country.  

“On behalf of the CEC, I want to guarantee to all participants in the electoral process and especially our citizens, that our institution remains committed for the organization of the elections in compliance with the Constitution, Laws and international standards,” said Valdete Daka, Chairperson of the CEC in Kosovo.

Police Forces have already prepared the operative plan that Election Day is

“Maintaining public order and safety, monitoring the process and undertaking the necessary measures before, during and after the electoral process, remains a priority,” stated Samedin Mehmeti, Director of the Kosovo Police.

Arrests and prompt proceedings before the court will be carried out against all those who will attempt to break the law on election day, the prosecution warned.

 "We have appointed 88 prosecutors and 40 officials from the prosecutorial system that will be the guardians of vote protection on election day, and this to ensure efficiency and protection of free voting. Now the Kosovo Police and together with the State Prosecutor's Office have finalized the strategic document and standard operating procedures. The State Prosecutor together with the Kosovo Police will arrest and detain all voters and officials responsible for any attempt or influence in the abuse of the free vote of the sovereign in the Republic of Kosovo," said Laura Pula.

 “The Kosovo Judicial Council within its competencies has engaged 30 judges at the national level for election day who will be in charge and will respond to all possible requests from the Prosecution for measures to be taken for possible violators of the law that have to do with the right to vote,” Fatime Marku, Coordinator of the KJC further explains.  

Due to a good coordination of the country's institutions, Kosovo has managed to organize elections which have been praised by international organizations. This comes as a result of numerous past convictions of up to 1-3 year in prison for those that violated electoion laws.  



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