Vuçiç publishes the map of Kosovo immersed in Serbian flag, US embassy reacts

Latest update: 19/03/2021 - 09:31
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Last night, Serbian president, Aleksandar Vuçiç caused an outrage in social media through a post on Instagram showing the map of Kosovo engulfed by the Serbian flag.

The photo was accompanied by a description saying, “Serbia today isn’t weak, it doesn’t make threats, but it doesn’t forget and it will not allow March 17th to repeat”.



There were many reactions and a campaign is now on the go for the prompt removal of this image from the web.  

Meanwhile, there has also been a reaction from the US embassy in Kosovo, which through a post on Twitter, made sure to reiterate that the mutual recognition from both countries is unavoidable.

“The U.S. fully supports the EU-facilitated Dialogue between Kosovo & Serbia aimed at a comprehensive normalization agreement, which should be centered on mutual recognition. We understand this will require compromise by both sides. The status quo is unsustainable...” writes the US embassy in Prishtina.



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