Kosovo’s new administration is voted in, Kurti gets 67 votes in his favor

Latest update: 22/03/2021 - 20:43
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The Parliament of Kosovo has just approved the new administration led by Albin Kurti with 67 votes in favor and 30 against. A total of 107 MPs were present in the parliamentary assembly of Kosovo.

In his statement after the voting process, the PM elect Albin Kurti said that the expectations for his administration are great, which is why his responsibility is just as great. He sent a reminder to all the newly appointed officials that they are serving the people and they shouldn’t see themselves as privileged.  

“We are chosen and discharged by the people, never forget this. I will lead on the basis of people’s will; the government and the institutions are theirs; they work for them and in their name. Every official that was sworn into office today should keep this in mind. You are in this post, to serve” said the PM of Kosovo.

He asked for consensus in the dialogue with Serbia and on the stances regarding foreign politics. He also asked for consensus regarding the reform of the education system. Kurti added that Kosovo is a small country, but its people are ancient. “Nothing has been handed to us; everything we have, we have paid a high price for,” he stated.  

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