LIVE | Kosovo’s Parliament to hold vote on Kurti as new PM

Latest update: 22/03/2021 - 18:37
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Kosovo’s Parliament has started an extraordinary plenary session, according to the request of 52 MPs, waiting to vote in the Kurti 2 Administration.

In his word for parliament, the candidate for PM, Albin Kurti claimed that the pandemic would be the number 1 priority of his administration, followed by justice, employment, economic development and the education reform.

“The pandemic is the main challenge, without wasting any time we will come up with a new plan for new measures that will aim to vaccinate 60% of the population. We will continue with the vetting process in order to restore justice. The education system will also see a reform,” said Kurti.

Among other things, Kurti also declared that without the official recognition of the reality of an independent Kosovo from Serbia, there can’t be a normalization of relations between both countries and both nations.

From the parliamentary podium, the leader of VV said that Kosovo has some unclosed business with Serbia, which should be dealt with through the dialogue. However, he added that no progress can be made if Kosovo doesn’t see any progress in the resolution of the fate of the Kosovars, who have gone missing.

Kurti added that ‘our neighborly rapports will be advances through reciprocity.”

According to him the road to the integration of the EU, could be challenging but it is the only alternative.

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