Rama presents SP’s education plan, while continuing attacks on DP's candidates

Latest update: 16/03/2021 - 10:12
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Leader of the Socialist Party and PM Edi Rama presented today his party’s plan on education for the next 4 years in case he will be granted another mandate to form government.

Rama stated that during his administration, the salaries for teachers saw a 32% rise whereas in this next mandate he expects to raise them by 40%.

Considering it a ‘plan’ instead of a ‘program’, the leader of the SP also said that he is honored to see that during his administration “for the first time in the history of Albania’s transition, meritocracy was reinstated in the system of university admissions”.

Within the next four years, the SP plans to give an end to students attending school in two shifts, because of a “lack of classrooms”. English is expected to be taught since the first grade and in parallel, he plans to open a national program for coding and cybernetics for children aged 12-18.

He said that “SP freed schools from the claws of absurd politicism”, where according to him until 2013 “teachers and students filled up the squares of electoral rallies ordered by the prime minister in power at the time”.

During his presentation, Rama used once again, an aggressive language towards his political opponents. By presenting them through their personal photos, Rama called the DP’s candidate for MP “auto-satirical characters”.

“Here are the three ministers of education of the DP, two auto-satirical characters, part of the panel club that appears on the media at night, and a woman known for her language of fake-news from pulpit to pulpit. The three of them are reactionaries, sawmill workers, they saw with their saws and as saw workers, they use their saws to slander slander slander,” claimed Rama.

Earlier on his Instagram profile, the PM said that since 2013, 263 schools have been build or rebuild, in which 114 thousand students study in contemporary conditions.

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