Basha invites Vlora’s socialists to join DP: Albanians deserve the right representation

Latest update: 17/03/2021 - 13:20
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The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha was in Vlora today, where he met with residents, farmers and artists.

Asked by Euronews Albania regarding the denigrating campaign initiated by PM Edi Rama directed at the figures of the DP like Bujar Leskaj, he said that Vlora and all of Albania deserves the right representation and Vlora will massively support DP’s candidates.

“I am amazed by my reception in Vlora today and I want to thank them from the heart, all the proud and dignified residents of the city of Independence and the city of the Flag. Vlora and all of Albania deserve the right representation through MPs with integrity, intellectuals with contributions as well as skilled specialists and the list of Vlora and all of Albania includes all these qualities.

For 8 years in a row, Edi Rama has mistreated the city of Vlora and its residents, he has mistreated Albania. For 8 years in a row, he has promised but failed to keep his promises. He promised 300 thousand new jobs, but the youths’ emigration from Vlora is currently at unconceivable rates. The University of Vlora and the youth of Vlora can feel this, and businesses can too. It’s time for a change,” stated Basha.

Regarding the dismissal of the Mayor of Vlora, Dritan Leli from SP’s campaign, Basha answered to the journalist’s question by saying that the ship of evil has now started to sink, whereas ‘my invitation for every honest socialist is to join the Democratic Party for the change you and your families want to see’.



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