Meta to present his plan on the protection of the vote in the days to come

Latest update: 17/03/2021 - 13:42
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President Ilir Meta announced today that in the days to come, he will unravel his plan on the protection of citizens’ vote for April 25th.  

In addition, the head of state warned that everyone needs to keep their hands away from the Albanian citizens’ vote.

“You will find out what this plan entails, in the days to come. Every honest and patriotic Albanian, despite his political beliefs can 100% agree with the President of the Republic that no one should meddle with the vote. That is why we are in this grave situation when we are leading the world in depopulation levels, which is a direct cause of the state’s malfunction, and a lack of respect for the Constitution, which the entire world knows that it is an unavoidable condition of the EU,” stated Meta in a statement for the media during the protests for the protection of Vjosa River.

“The leaders of political subjects should promote people with dignity and people, who are a model of the respect for the law,” added the president.

He also touched on the clash with the municipality police in FRD’s offices, saying that the violence exercised by the municipal police in the presence of the president shows once again that we are dealing with a gang that demands to take hold of institutions.

“The presidency is an unconquerable castle, in a country where every other institution is made a slave to the main political party,” concluded president Meta.




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