PM Rama criticizes Basha on electoral gatherings: ‘Votes before lives mean nothing’

Latest update: 17/03/2021 - 14:01
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PM Edi Rama was in Fier today checking on the vaccination process for teaching personnel, when he gave a statement criticizing the leader of the democrats, who according to Rama is massively gathering people by giving thus a bad example in such a difficult time like the current pandemic.

While calling on people to keep social distancing in these types of situations, created according to Rama by irresponsible people, the head of state said that the main priority remains to be the interruption of the chain of COVID-19 infections, through the vaccine as well as caution.

According to him, in the face of this health challenge, the elections and the campaign value up to nothing.

“It is a great misfortune that for political reasons and the personal interest of their party, certain individuals are giving the wrong message by gathering people and raising fingers on top of cars.

On the other hand, it is important that people understand that this is a battle of life and death, for many people that are more exposed and physically weaker, that is why all of us need to show the greatest caution, to exercise social distancing during these absurd situations that show ignorance and great irresponsibility from the ones organizing them.

The interruption of the chain of infections, through the vaccine and personal caution is our priority number 1, the campaign, the elections and seats in parliament are nothing compared to this challenge and this objective,” concluded the head of state.



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