Final electoral lists published, 3.5 million Albanians invited to cast their vote

Latest update: 17/03/2021 - 11:30
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The Ministry of Interior Affairs has published the final list for the general elections to be held on the 25 of April.

According to data generated by the General Directorate of Civil Status, there are 3,588,869 eligible voters, out of whom 50.5% are men and 49.5% women.  

Meanwhile, 107.024 citizens will be voting for the first time and 1,098 are deferred, as a result of the law on decriminalization.

The total number of ballot stations in the entire country is 5,199.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs emphasized that every citizen is invited to verify their names on the list of voters, through the online portal “e-Albania” and if they have any questions they should head to the offices of Civil Status in their municipality or administrative divisions, which will remain open from Monday to Saturday.

“The National Civil Registry will continue like it has done to this day in every municipality to comply with every legal obligation that is expected from the Electoral Code of the Republic of Albania, for the preparation of electoral infrastructures,” read the announcement.  

In addition, the Ministry of Interior Affairs urged all citizens in possession of a biometric document, ID card, or passport, which has expired, to go to the application offices in order to receive a document that will allow them to participate in the April 25th elections.



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