Duma and Haxhinasto differ on the COVID-19 vaccine

Latest update: 22/03/2021 - 22:20
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Will you accept the vaccine? This was the question asked by journalist Ilva Tare, during Ilva Now for DP’s and SMI’s candidates for MP.

Grida Duma, accepted her hesitation when it came to the anti-COVID vaccine, whereas Edmond Haxhinasto said that he is yet to come to a final decision.

“It depends on the kind of vaccine,” – said SMI’s candidate for MP.

It was communication expert, Edlira Gjoni that brought up the hypothesis regarding how a citizen could perceive this answer given by Haxhinasto as an example worth following.

“A candidate for MP should especially get the vaccine, because s/he is in constant contact with people and has double the responsibility. Based on the information that I currently possess and based on the opinions given by Albanian doctors, you should get the vaccine, despite elements such as complications etc, which could be a fairly small percentage but we don’t need to be paranoid, when the damage we are threatened with from this pandemic, is much greater,” – said Grida Duma.

In the Faculty of Social Science, where she is currently teaching, the staff is believed to be receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine in the near future, and as Duma admitted, she will accept it, without a doubt.  

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