Haxhinasto: We have 5 priorities that are non-negotiable with DP

Latest update: 22/03/2021 - 21:55
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Edmond Haxhinasto, SMI’s candidate for MP in the list of Tirana said that his party is set on 5 priorities in its program that are non-negotiable even in the case of co-governing with the DP.

Despite this, the former vice-PM said that there is a definite coherence in the program of both political subjects.

“In all of its propositions, the SMI has held a clear center-left reference. All of our priorities starting from newborn subsidies, the formalization of the economy, the rise of local production as well as education are all achievable,” declared the candidate for MP.

The 5 main priorities of SMI for this electoral campaign were listed as the receipt refunds with 5% for every purchase, assistance for new families, tax for education on 200 largest companies in the country, incentivizing the professional education system and the default on the VAT tax for agricultural and livestock production.

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