‘20 MPs in Tirana’, Rama: Here’s why we need a third term

Latest update: 23/03/2021 - 17:12
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Albania’s acting-PM, Edi Rama presented this Tuesday, his candidates for MP in the county of Tirana.

In his post on Facebook, Rama writes that SP aims 20 MPs in Tirana, out of the total 36.

According to Rama, SP is born and founded on the premise of achieving big things, while adding that the team of the majority force is the right team to govern the country.

“On the run towards April 25th for 20 MPs,” writes Rama.

“The team is of the right stature and meets the public’s expectations. SP was created and founded to achieve the most difficult things. Our team is a combination of experiences, as well as fresh new energy coming from women and young women, men and young men, who have joined us in our face-off, on April 25th,” he added.

Speaking in front of the candidates for MP, the head of state reveled his arguments regarding why he is asking Albanians for the third mandate, on April 25th.

“We have full governing capacities as well as ones that were added during this period of time, during which we have governed the country, for the past 7 years plus and we are asking for a third mandate, which the country needs, in order to finally be able to make every transformative process irrevocable and in order to stop repeating the past,” stated Rama.



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