Ciko: Rise of minimum wage only benefits the government, the flat tax is a more simplified system

Latest update: 23/03/2021 - 22:03
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Economy expert, Ilir Ciko sees the increase of the minimum wage as an unnecessary intervention from the government as well as a damaging one.

According to him, this intervention doesn’t actually raise the citizens’ standard of living, but it simply brings in more profit for the government through taxation.

“It is simply a statistic, which is more inclined to serve the government through taxation. In terms of the flat tax proposed by DP, I support it because it is a more simplified system and we saw how the progressive tax didn’t bring any improvements during all these years,” said the economy expert.

According to Arben Shkodra, general secretary of the Association of Producers, the minimum wage only benefits the votes, and that this issue should have been discussed at a time when the economy could restabilize.

Meanwhile, Mateo Spaho, member of the national council of DP emphasized that the Democratic Party, through its program, aims to lighten the burden of businesses through lowering the tax to 9% and through lowering the excise tax for oil, so that the increase of the minimum wage can come naturally.