Haxhi: SP caused great damage to fiscal policies, DP’s promises require a 120 billion ALL budget

Latest update: 23/03/2021 - 21:22
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The former vice-Minister of Economy, Elton Haxhi said that during this electoral campaign, the two main political parties are very “stressed” and this has prompted them to make promises that aren’t well though-out.  

He added that the promises made by DP require a budget of 120 billion ALL, whereas regarding the SP, he said that there is a thorough lack of transparency and that they have greatly damaged our fiscal policies by omitting the tax of small businesses.   

“When it comes to promise-making, both parties are stressed. SP opened up the game by dismissing small businesses, which led to great damage to our fiscal policies.

According to him, the promise to raise the minimum wage to 400 thousand ALL in fact doesn’t benefit businesses and citizens at all but it brings in more money to the state budget and to the public it is presented as something entirely else.






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