Shock | Rama’s ‘complaint’ of Brussels, Bushati: A sign of nervousness, Haxhiu: Shows power of leadership

Latest update: 23/03/2021 - 21:07
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The meeting of the leader of the democrats, Lulzim Basha with the Commissioner of the European Union created a tense atmosphere today, in the Albanian political arena.

According to Andi Bushati, Rama’s reaction after finding out about this meeting was a clear sign of nervousness, during which in his opinion, the PM sent a clear message that only he and no one else can be involved in political “masquerades”.

In the meantime, Baton Haxhiu admitted that were he in Rama’s place, he wouldn’t have reacted at all after this meeting. However, the analyst noted that the PM’s post on Twitter had a clear mission and that was in a way, to show his authority and the fact that he has the power to “turn to the European Union”.

However, both analysts were of the opinion that all political actors in Albania make a substantial effort to use the international factor and make it a part of their campaign.

“I am not surprised because at the end of it all, the Bulgarian Commissioner is a member of the European People’s Parties and even though she has an official post, ‘sister’ parties pay respect to each other.  But what we have here, is a clear violation of ethics. A Commissioner of Brussels cannot ‘wink’ at the DP,” added Bushati.

Haxhiu on the other hand admitted that such meetings during a campaign don’t bring more votes to anyone. However, he added that this campaign definitely needs a hand from the EU.

“I believe that the European Union has for a long time now, lost its grip on the leadership of the Balkans, and during certain instances like this one, they show a kind of affinity that in the realms of political ethics is unstable,” added Haxhiu.



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