Basha holds meetings in Tirana, mocks Rama’s comments for the EU

Latest update: 24/03/2021 - 19:24
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On the last day before the official launch of the electoral campaigns, the leader of the democrats, Lulzim Basha held a meeting in the 5th administrative division of the capital city, where he met with residents and younger generations. Basha took a moment to speak about the plan of the opposition for the education system.  

“This is a priority for us; The reform of the post-secondary education system in order to ensure an equal rapport between theory and practice, which is based on the German model and also includes internships and work experience after graduation. We will reserve sufficient funding for 10 thousand internships per year,” said the head of DP.

During this communication, Basha also commented on PM Rama’s reactions after his meeting with the Commissioner of the European Council.

“Yesterday, I was part of a conference with the Alliance of European Universities and with the European Commissioner for Education and Digitalization and the PM got a little unhappy about this. In fact, it is an internal intervention, but not in my favor or in the favor of the Democratic Party, but in the favor of the Albanian youth,” claimed the leader of the opposition.



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