Bylykbashi: ‘We aim for 8 mandates; Rama will have to answer for the current state of Durres’

Latest update: 24/03/2021 - 21:39
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In 2017’s elections, DP got a disappointing result in Durres, winning only 4 mandates. Socialists won double that, while SMI only got 2.

For these upcoming elections, Bylykbashi believes he can overthrow the results. During his interview on ‘Ilva Now’, the member of DP’s leadership team said that they’re aiming for 8 seats.

According to him, the strongest point of DP is in their experienced candidates, whereas their socialist opponents have dark pasts. Another strong element, according to Bylykbashi is DP’s program.

“We are fighting for 8 mandates. We offer a message of stability; we are ready to come into office and take charge through our political program. These aren’t electoral promises but work plans,” declared Bylykbashi.

Rama is ranked 8th in the list of Durres. Oerd Bylykbashi sees this as a chance for Rama to be held accountable in front of the residents of Durres for the “degradation of his central and local governance”.

“Edi Rama will have to answer about the current state of Durres. He is eighth and you will see that he will be forced to overstep the order in order to take the place of one of the candidates before him, who will be unable to win enough votes,” declared the DP candidate.

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