Government’s reaction to appeal of US ambassador: ‘Kim has been clear about this, Doshi isn't our ally’

Latest update: 24/03/2021 - 20:09
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US ambassador Yuri Kim, has on numerous occasions called on political forces in Albania, to publicly denounce the re-candidature of MP Tom Doshi in the April 25 elections.

While her statement was widely believed to be a reference to the Socialist Party, according to PM Edi Rama, ambassador Kim’s appeal wasn’t directed at the Socialist Party.

In response to the “Voice of America”, the director of PM Rama’s Press Room, Endri Fuga, stated that “Ambassador Kim has made it clear that the PM’s stance on Tom Doshi is that he isn’t SP’s ally, nor will he be a part of the Socialist Party’s new government.”  

In her Twitter post, while expressing her appreciation for the stance taken by the Democratic Party, Ambassador Kim raised questions towards the other political forces, asking them about the reason why they choose to remain silent.





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