Shaqiri, certain of his seat in the new Parliament, accuses SP for spy-cams in SMI’s headquarters

Latest update: 24/03/2021 - 22:12
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Bahri Shaqiri is SMI’s candidate for the county of Durres in these upcoming elections. His name is ranked 2nd after Elona Guri.

The former- Chief of the State's Informative Services, spoke about the denouncement made by the branch of SMI in Durres regarding the cameras set up to spy on their headquarters in Durres.

Without mentioning any names, Shaqiri said that he is certain this concerns a group that is pressuring supporters of the SMI.

“We have found two cameras near the entrance of our main headquarters in Durres. The same people setting them up, are the ones that appear in every activity organized by SMI, and in the end they ask to see the security cameras. Their goal is to later pressure the supporters of the SMI,” said Shaqiri.

The former-Advisor to the President for National Security insinuated that these people were sent from the Socialist Party and are now under investigation from the Prosecution Office of Durres.

How many mandates will the SMI get in Durres?

Shaqiri decided to not give a definite number but he emphasized that the SMI will surprise everyone with its results, not only in the city of Durres.

“In Durres, SMI and DP will get a much better result than the majority force currently in power,” declared Shaqiri.

SMI’s candidate emphasized on Ilva Now that he will ask for preferential votes as well as party votes by admitting that this way there is a much higher chance to win parliament.

Roads, drinking waters, employment, buildings suffering damages from the earthquake aftermath; these were some of the concerns that Bahri Shaqiri expressed as he called them common problems that the residents of Durres have to deal with on a daily basis, which he as well is faced with during his campaign there.  

In terms of his relationships with the Democratic Party, Shaqiri admitted that they are excellent and there is a continuous collaboration between the two.  

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