Shock | Eastern vaccines, Bushati: ‘Their refusal three months ago, Rama’s fickleness, costing people’s lives

Latest update: 24/03/2021 - 21:05
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The Russian and Chinese vaccines will start to be administered in Albania even though they aren’t certified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Two months ago, Rama called the offer of Russian vaccines a provocation. Asked about the reason why Rama eventually agreed to give the Eastern vaccines the go-ahead, analysts Andi Bushati and Baton Haxhiu exhibited differing opinions.

Andi Bushati said that the arrival of the Eastern vaccines is good news. However, if they were accepted by Rama sooner, so since 3 months ago, we could’ve saved many lives lost to COVID-19. Bushati also added that Rama put politics before health and called the refusal of the eastern vaccine by Rama, a sin and political fickleness.

“The phrase fit for this case is: better late than never. We are late, but at least we’re here. The Russian and Chinese vaccines are a reality. Why is this good and what is the cost? The cost is three months of lost lives, when Rama decided to choose politics over health and refuse the non-western vaccines. How many of these vaccines could’ve saved people’s lives? A political caprice of the government turns into a health sin,” stated Bushati.

Haxhiu on the other hand, said that if Rama had agreed on the Eastern vaccines sooner, the public opinion and the judgment of the EU would’ve resulted in these vaccines not being used even to this day. According to Haxhiu, it is Rama’s skill that today the arrival of the Russian and Chinese vaccines doesn’t imply bad news.

“When the entire EU refused to use AstraZeneca, a small country making a decision like using the Sputnik V or the Chinese vaccine would be negatively judged by the EU as well as critics from within Albania. This would’ve made these vaccines unattractive and unusable to this day. Rama has brought Albania to a point, where both Sputnik V and the Chinese vaccine don’t represent bad news,” stated Baton Haxhiu.  



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