Spahiu: 3rd term to finish reconstruction, Durres won't forget what Rama did 1 day after the earthquake

Latest update: 24/03/2021 - 21:52
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The candidate of SP for the county of Durres for these upcoming April elections, told journalist Ilva Tare on Euronews Albania that the third mandate for the Socialist Party has a great significance for the city of Durres and others that suffered damages from the November earthquake, because many reconstruction projects are in progress and have yet to be completed from the administration that took them on.

According to Spahiu, despite the many discontents that residents of Durres could still have, from a professional standpoint, Durres has seen an extra-ordinary amount of work, in terms of the assessment of damage for every building as well as in the process of reconstruction, which according to Spahiu, is a hard process that requires time.

“As of now, 10 schools with European standards and contemporary investments have been built. Residents of Durres will never forget what Edi Rama did to find them shelter, in record time, only one day after the earthquake. What worries me, is that we have promised our residents that by March 2022, they will have a home. If we realize this objective, this requires the will of citizens to believe in the SP on April 25th,” said Spahiu.

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