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1600 businesses shut their doors in Korça, online-sales up 90%

Latest update: 14/03/2021 - 13:53
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative effect on small businesses in the city of Korca. Sales have dropped considerably compared to the previous year.

After many attempts to interview some of the salesmen in the city’s old bazaar, no one agreed while expressing their fear, off-camera, that inspectors could find out and fine them if they speak for our station. Off-camera the salesmen said that around 70% of their merchandise has remained in stock.

Apart from the state’s assistance through the economic package at the start of the pandemic, businesses in Korca haven’t received any other help.

According to the vice-President of the Association of Small and Medium Businesses in Albania, the government should think about other economic relief plans for businesses that are at the brink of bankruptcy.


cite_header=In only the last 2 years 1600 businesses in Korca have closed down. Let’s not forget that there are even more businesses that have suspended their status because they can’t afford closing. They appear open only because of the law that doesn’t allow businesses with pending liabilities to close their activity. Regarding boutiques of clothes or food markets there is a drastic drop which is why we are calling upon the government to intervene with an economic package to help small businesses and the economy in general.

cite_author=Bujar Muço

cite_description=Vice-President of the Association of small and medium businesses in Albania



On the other hand, the pandemic has affected the rise of sales online. This situation forced many businesses to start operating online, because of the higher flexibility that it offers citizens during the pandemic.  

 "If we look at it it’s specifically businesses that sell clothes which saw a tremendous rise since the start of the pandemic in March and April. Today in fact it is better to have an online business rather than a physical one," said Krenar Myrteza, marketing agent. 



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